Key Competences

Operating Analysis and Management

DASIRI will provide financial planning and analysis. Projections of cash flow expenditures are done to optimise the condition of the property throughout its maintenance cycle. Owners can benefit from thorough analysis of the marketing, operating, financing and life cycle re-capitalization needs of a property.

Financial Statements

DASIRI will assist in managing the financial affairs of the property by providing monthly financial statements. These statements will show current month’s income and expenses compare to annual budget. This information will allow to monitor expenditures to ensure that the budget plan is followed. It will also provide warning signals if certain expenses are being incurred faster than anticipated and have a potential of exceeding what was budgeted for.


DASIRI will develop annual budgets that will enable to meet annual operating and capital needs. Clients will be involved in the budgeting process to develop a simple step-by-step process to meet financial objectives Our team keeps on top of market trends and is able to budget accordingly for utilities and essential services.

Monthly Manager’s Report

The Property Manager will provide an overview for each month. This report will outline the services and work done on the site during that period and update the Landlord on ongoing contracts, concerns and leasing activity.

Financial Reports

The reports will include actual and budget variance analysis and explanations. The reports will also address any areas on concern.

Collection of Arrears

DASIRI will contact tenants who are in arrears, personally, by phone, and/or by letter. Our arrears collection system will automatically charge late charges on all overdue accounts.

Contractor Relationship

DASIRI will work at all times to develop partnerships with contractors to facilitate good relationships between the contractor, the Juristic Person and Management Company. Our goal is to acquire the best service for the least cost for the property.

Maintenance Service

DASIRI will provide in-house and third-party maintenance personnel to care for the property as required and will also provide owners with minor maintenance services on a daily basis as required

Site Visits

The Property Manager will be available for additional site visits if emergency situations require this attention. The Property Manager will work at all times to nurture a good relationship between the tenants, the Landlord, contractors and the Management Company.