Property Sales & Marketing

In order to attract tenants quickly, we advertise vacant properties throughout a wide range of online and offline means of marketing. This network includes respective Magazine, daily print advertising, strategically targeted email campaigns, location signage, over 20 high traffic website listings (airbnb, holidayletting, flipkey, VRBO, tripadvisor, agoda,, ect), and a network of over local and international DASIRIs.

When the property is ready for lease, the details are immediately displayed on your website, which is set-up, developed and managed by our staff. Upon seeing your property online, potential tenants are able to gather important details, view photos, and even print an accurate location map of the property using satellite imagery from Google Maps.

DASIRI is the first point of contact for companies when relocating new staff. We maintain a regular dialogue with most of the major companies, organisations and educational institutes.

Finally, DASIRI maintains a dedicated call centre open seven days per week to manage inquiries and customer requirements. A vast number of leasing enquiries can be handled in this way through the call centre using our computerised management system. In tandem, our DASIRIs maintain live lists of those clients with whom they are working to resolve requirements efficiently.