Maintenance & Services

Throughout the duration of the Management Contract, the Property Manager of DASIRI will conduct regular internal and external inspections and supervise contractors, staff and agreed renovations and upgrades as well as daily routines. These inspections will ensure that the property is maintained to the highest standards.

For the first 6 to 12 months, the Property Manager of DASIRI will be managing the property full-time onsite, to fully understand the dynamics of the property, maintenance requirements and get to know the tenants and train the staff to the highest stands par with any 5* hotel and facility.

If the property does happen to require maintenance, we arrange for such maintenance to be undertaken in a professional manner. Repairs are closely monitored for quality and the work is carried out so as to cause as little inconvenience to the Owners as possible.

Included in the services of DASIRI is the Annual Maintenance Contracts, which identifies and specifies maintenance requirements and outlines its schedule and budget for approval. This is especially important in order to save cost in the long-term by preventing large-scale maintenance problems and deterioration.

The Property Administrator, a trained and experienced local staff will assist with conducting the thorough inspections, staff training and supervision and act as executive enforcing the rules and regulations of the property.