FAIR USAGE - What is the fair-usage policy on the electrical consumption?

We have implemented a fair usage policy on the electrical consumption of 100 units/ day to cover the guest normal usage on air-conditioning. Even in hot summer months, this usage should be sufficient. Any consumption above 100 units will be charged at THB 6.00/ unit. The basic consumption at the Villa for Pool, Lighting and Equipment is approx. 30 units a day, which leaves the guest 70 units for Air-conditioning. The absolute worst case scenario, if Air-conditioning is run all day in all rooms, a guest typically would have an consumption of additional max. of 50 units, which would cost not more than USD 10.00/ day for excessive use. 90% of our guest manage their consumption within the budget.

CHECK IN/ OUT - What are the check-in and check out times?

All Properties: The guaranteed CHECK-IN time is 14:00h on all days and CHECK OUT times are 10:00h on all days, provided that not other arrangements have been made during booking. If there is no booking prior or after your stay, we can accommodate early check-ins as well as late checkout at NO CHARGE.

KEY - How do i get the key to the Apartment/ Villa?

Villa/ Beach Apartment: There is no requirement to collect the key, the housekeeper will await your arrival and open the door for you
Riverview: the key is deposited with the security for you and can be collected accordingly at the reception desk
Downtown: During normal business hours Monday till Friday, our housekeeper will await your arrival and open the door, after 16h, you will be given a security code with which you open the key safety box outside the gate

RATES - How many nights do I need to stay to get a weekly or monthly rate?

We offer weekly rate for stays of minimum 7 nights and monthly rate for stays of minimum of 28 nights. Monthly rates are calculated on the basis of 4 weeks with 7 days and will reprint 28 days in total, a month with 31 days, will be the monthly rate divided by 28 days times 31.